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Great questions! In general fat does not elicit an insulin response, however if one consumes a large amount of fat in a single sitting it can stimulate insulin release. What constitutes a large amount varies from person to person and has some connection to the stretch mechanism in the stomach. Pack the stomach full of food and one will produce greater insulin.

Protein can be anything from a mild to significant insulin secretor. This has much to do with the amino acid make up of the protein. In the case of high lysine protein sources like beef we see a pretty significant insulin response, but we also see a powerful glucagon response. This tends to mitigate much of the negative aspects of the insulin however it is a good point to consider with regards to rotating protein sources.

So, can one become insulin resistant from eating protein and fat? I’d say yes, and here is how to do it. 1-Eat very large meals. This will still release a significant whack of insulin and thus down regulate receptor sites. 2-Eat constantly. It looks like even with a low glycemic load diet one may benefit from bouts of intermittent fasting. I think if one is employing something like a CLC and IF you are emulating the ancestral diet pretty closely and really managing insulin levels.

As for resources just google “insulin response protein” and phrases like that. You will find loads of information.
Thanks for the great questions.
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