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Jordan Glasser
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after a 19 hr fast.

feeding window of 6 hours:
Total cals:3433
fat: 305g


after my feeding window did some olympic lifting:
snatches, cleans, and clean pulls
felt good, but was pretty tight in my upper body from all the pull-ups I did in the WOD the other day....still hoping to losen up the back, chest and shoulders.

Felt relatively strong.

As far as my diet goes, it's been nice logging my food into fitday, and getting a readout of macronutrients. It's been overly apparent that I wasn't get anywhere near enough fat as I needed. What I need to figure out is how to get it all in without the use of nuts. Which I don't seem to digest very well. I will ask questions on the forum if I keep relying on them. I will try and get creative, but so far my fats have come from:
olive oil
walnut oil
coconut oil
almond butter
macadamia nuts.

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