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I found this interesting
"A research study presented today at the annual National Strength and Conditioning Association meeting suggests that combining honey with a protein supplement may boost post-workout recuperation and favor better blood sugar maintenance after exercise. "We were pleased to find that powdered honey promoted favorable changes in post-exercise markers of metabolism equal to that of the current standard, maltodextrin," says Dr. Richard Kreider, lead investigator of the study and Director of the Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory at the University of Memphis. "We also found that the group receiving honey as the carbohydrate source did not display the typical drop in blood sugar 60 minutes after taking the other forms of carbohydrates. These findings support our previous study on honey.""

Oh wait ....."Funded by the National Honey Board"....nevermind. lol

Daniel I believe the industry standard is a mix of dextrose/maltodextrin for PWO recovery. All depends on how insulin resistant you are as well. I believe it is Poliquin who uses like 30g+ L-Glutamine instead of high gi carbs indicating it gives a good insulin response while keeping the athletes lean.
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