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Brian Shanks
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And sometimes a little luck helps.

I am not certified in anything at the moment, but I fell into a situation that is a dream come true. I have been designated as our Strength and conditioning coach for our new MMA team. We are in the process of moving into a new building and am really excited. I don't make any money-don't really care-but I do get free BJJ and MMA training and get to help our guys get ready for their fights.

I helped one of our guys drop 25 lbs and at 215 he was a conditioned machine. Wore his foe out after the first round and won in the second due to strikes from the mounted position. Of course, he was a very highly motivated individual and was a perfect athlete to work with. But you had to see him at the track. A 240 lb 5'10" guy running sprints. It was beautiful.


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