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Thanks for the article Steve I may have to try that some time this winter...since my deadlift is stuck under 400. Going heavy on deads (for me) always ends up getting me injured it seems like.

The only thing in the article I'm hesitant about is the super heavy good mornings and making sure you round your back? That seems in my mind to be like a bad idea?

From the article he is saying this right?

2x's a week for 6 weeks
5 x 5 power cleans progressing to your max for 5
5 x 5 shrugs (seems to be more like a high rack pull?) working up to 50-100 + best deadlift ( the last 2 sets are 3?)
5 x 5 clean grip high pulls - progressing to your clean max ( the last 2 sets are for 3 reps?)
5 x 5 good mornings
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