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on sat aug 4th:
feeding time 2pm-7pm.

here's what I'm noticing. If I keep my carb intake around 100 g, and my protein around 150 g (I weigh 160 lbs), I am needing a whole lot of calories from fat. It's seems too high for my body to handle. If I eat nuts, or rather get those calories from nuts, I know I'm not digesting them well at all. Even without that digestional feedback, I don't want most of my calories coming from nuts. So, I am reduced to olive oil, coconut oil, and avocados (suggestions are welcomed if you recommend other sources). That is a lot of oils to drink, and avocados to eat. It's not going over very well.
If I reduce the amounts of fats I take in, then I have no evergy for any metabolic workouts. It's like I've cornered myself here. I am forced to get around 2000 calories from fats. But can't seem to process that many for an extended period of time. I don't feel like I want to replace them with carbs....but I may have to give that a try and see.
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