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Default OLAD Rep/Set progression

Steve, Dan et al.

Question: In and OLAD program with body comp goals, would you look to increasing volume or load week to week or possibly both? I'm looking for advice on total number of sets/reps week to week.

I just started a OLAD (trademark DJ) program. I am on cal/carb restricted diet and have had good success with it so far. I'm transitioning from a pure strength program (9 or so sets, heavy with lots of rest. two sessions per day) to more of a strength/gpp-ish program. The last program worked well with low Kcals. and the two a days kept overall volume high.

Based on some of your prior writing on the subject, I thought to try the OLAD, albeit tailored to my schedule and capacity.

I'm trying a rep/set progression I haven't used before, essentially 8/6/4 in week one, 6/4/2 in week two and 3/2/1 in week three. I'm huge fan of low rep ladders, 1/2/3, 1/2/3, 1/2/3 so I figure to do the opposite of what has been comfortable for me.

Template so far is: 12+ sets per day, weight goes up each set.

Mon: Squat-

3 sets each of OHS, FS, BS and 1/4 Squat/Jumps.

Tues: OH press-

Same as above. Each set taken from the floor with a clean. Military press, Push press, Push jerk, Jerk, finish with press outs.

Wed: Deadlifts

Single leg DL, Clean grip DL, Regular Grip-wider stance, Pulls from rack.

Thurs: off

Friday: Metcon with KB complexes and sandbags (harder)

Saturday: Metcon with BB. Basically complexes of squat, clean and press and Deadlifts (easier and for speed)

Sunday off.
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