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Boyle has been training people for a long, long time, and he makes a good living from it. In addition to that, he has trained numerous collegiate and professional athletes. And he's done it quietly, mostly under the radar. Other S&C professionals knew his name and respected his work. It's only late 2005-2006 that the S&C internet community really started to talk about him, and when he started to put together his own forum and start to publicize himself with his book and the articles easily available now.

I read that thread, and I wasn't really going to comment on it, but I will say a few things, and try to stay on a positive note, both James and Mike have made very good points.

1. You can't compare apples to oranges, despite arguments to the contrary.
2. Hockey players are going to stomp Crossfitters at hockey. Crossfitters are going to stomp hockey players at Crossfit. A Crossfitting hockey player? Well, the sport specific skills are what's going to matter.
3. Special Forces people are going to get the job done whether they run, lift weights, do crossfit, follow Stew Smith's routines, or whatever. No matter what they do, it's covered.
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