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Chris Forbis
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Luckily (for running purposes), my gain of 23 pounds has dwindled to 16. Haven't run a whole lot aside from short sprints since the gain, so I think the first few times out are going to suck.

Am I completely insane for finding the idea of progressively adding weight via a vest over the 12 weeks compelling? Am I an idiot for thinking this?

Current thoughts...
Sunday: 20 min of Crossfit metcon (no running)
Tuesday: 400m x 5, start at 3:1 rest:work in week 1 and work it down to 1:1 by the end
Thursday: strength
odd numbered weeks: 800m x 3, start at 3:1 rest:work at week 1 and work down to 1:1 by the end
even numbered weeks: week 2, 2400m (@ target pace); week 4, 5000m; week 6, 3200m (@ pace); week 8, 5000m; week 10 4000m (@ pace)

Not a whole lot of strength training there. Whatever. I'll have all winter to work on that.

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