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This is an interesting thread, which I first saw over at Crossfit. I was at the Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) conference in question. I am a former SF medic, but I still stay in contact with other guys in the Spec. Ops community. I sat in on the Human Performance lecture, which is where Mike Boyle's comment was made. He was part of a larger panel comprised of fitness gurus, one of whom was Mark Twight (Gym Jones). Although I was in and out of the lectures--it lasted roughly 90 mins--I did not find it to be anti-Crossfit in anyway. I think, from talking with a few operators, the questioning of high rep Oly lifts come from the ground up; i.e., they had concerns with its efficacy and safety, and he just addressed it. If the lecture was unclassified, which I assume it would be, I may be able to get my hands on a copy.

It is funny Steve mentioned Stew Smith, because I used his program to prepare for SF Selection, and then turned into a LSD-slut while in SF , and only started Xfit after I left the military, then shifted toward and currently use Coach Rut’s methods. Had I known what I know now (God, I have tuned into my dad), I would have adopted the Xfit or Xfit-like methodology while serving, because I suffered many injuries.

In the end, I think it does come down to personal preference. I am just glad the conversation is occurring. The Human Performance lecture is a manifestation of upper echelons recognizing that you cannot mass produce spec. ops. guys, so you had better maintain them with the same funds and vigor as you do weapon systems. Granted, the conversation will include those that do not want to budge from their chosen method, but as long as educated, even-tempered individuals continue to seek optimal performance it will continue to grow.

Just my thoughts.

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