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August 10
Sleep - 9 hours. Woke up drowsy but a couple glasses of water fixed that.

Recovery - Felt sore all over, but less than I expected. (Yesterday was overhand grip deadlifts, 365 X 3,1,1,1, power cleans - 205 X 3, 215 X 1,1, 2 minutes of clean and jerk at 135 - 18 reps, and the day before was ring work and a short metcon circuit of biking, double unders, and squat cleans)

Breakfast -
raw Broccoli - 2 cup
Blueberries - 1 cup
Turkey - 4 oz
Almonds - 24

Snack - Zone bar and 6 almonds

Lunch -
snow peas - 1.5 cups
grapes - 1 cup
24 almonds
4 oz chicken

Snack - zone bar and 6 almonds

Dinner -
5 oz steak
2 plums
2.5 cups cooked brocc.
1 apricot
30 almonds

Workout - Easy day
Just slightly over a mile loop in 6 minutes

3 rounds
overhead squats with 70 lb. log (did 15 the first round, then 13 the second + 15 bw squats, then none the third round + 20 bw squats)
18 pullups
15 situps of various varieties
11 pushups with hands on db's
superman hold
This is a circuit I do every workout day to practice form and get a little bit of extra work in. I also run a little over a mile every workout day because I like running.

Tomorrow is rest day and a trip to San Francisco for a Georgetown U BBQ for alumni and students. I will try my hardest to stay on the zone at the BBQ, but I refuse to bring my scale or measuring cups.
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