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Default I am backand in Rehab!

Rehab Day 1 August 11th

I have a spiral fracture of my right Ulna. I broke it Friday June 29th and thought I sprained it. Wrong! I have been training with it for the last 5 weeks. Sucks. I went in and found out that it was broke and have committed to not using it at all for 4 weeks. So with the help of my fellow forum members I have a couple of new routines up my sleeve for the next couple of weeks. Here was the first one.

Today was the first workout in my Rehab phase. I had fun with this. I did it in a circuit jump rope, step-up, DL, SU, BE. 1 -2 minutes of rest between. I played around with some lunges getting the feel of what I could do.

4 X 100 Jumprope
22 step-ups 20" box, 22 X 25 LB's, 22 X 30 LB's, 24 X 30 LB's
4 X 12 X 50 LB's Suitcase DL
4 X 25 Fast Sit-ups
4 X 15 BE

4 X 50 steps X 50 LB Farmers Walk
4 X 30 steps X 30 LB Waiter Walk

I used this rehab as a reason to pick up some new gear. I orderd an X-Vest with 40 LB's, a sled from EliteFTS and some jump stretch bands. My KB's will be here Tuesday so I will start with them on Wednesday.
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