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My point of view is this, with proper precautions lifting is inherently safe. To the unitiated and those with poor judgement (I may be included in this) any activity including lifting is dangerous. The eversion of risk is what limits us from progressing. The application of risk with good judgement is what produces results.

Hockey is a terrible example of this because as the injury ratios go up in the sport S&C coaches are getting further and further away from efficacious training. And because of this the injury ratios climb... It's a vicious circle.

Mike Boyle is a good coach the only disagreement I have with his position is not that I think he is wrong, its that I think his eversion to exercises that are risky also limit the possible progression of his athletes. He is one of the better S&C coaches in hockey unfortunately in my opinion that isn't good enough!!!

As far as SF guys getting the job done, I agree they may do just that. But will they continue to be able to get the job done as long as they are capable or will they shutdown before their time. I can't speak on the issues in the U.S. but the fact is in this country we didn't fix what we didn't know was broken...

Just because we don't know it's broken doesn't mean it isn't. Sometimes you have to step back and think, we are sending these guys in to risky scenarios, under real life conditions. So why would we train by removing all possibilites of risk? That makes no sense to me... We are setting people up for failure in my opinion.

Athletes in contact sports particularly are no different than SF personel. They are required to enter particularly riscky scenerios yet we train to avoid risk, which causes us to systematically fail when risk crops up when its least expected. We are fooling ourselves if we think avoiding something that may, perhaps, possibly, maybe cause an injury and believing that we will be ready to handle physical stress.

A good coach shouldn't stand on competent athletes a good coach should produce competent athletes. If an athlete can't perform an exercise safely its the coaches problem. If the athlete trains themself and can't perform safely then its their own. Hockey is the worst sport on the planet when it comes to S&C coaches knowing the needs of their players. Mainly because none of them have played the damn sport and don't understand the risks! Soldiering is the same!

I at least think the Glassman's understand this. I've never been intimidated by a broomstick, and if an individual is too cocky to move beyond this before they are ready and a coach too incompetent to allow it than its their own damn fault, their own damn loss and my athletes will be better off then theirs!
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