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Hmmm….Metabolic Alkalosis can be caused by many routes but the most common are vomiting (removal of HCl from the system) and hyperventilation (removal of CO2 and consequently carbonic acid). Occasionally emergency rooms will admit someone who has consumed enough baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to induce alkalosis, but that is pretty rare. Now as to your question about control mechanisms in the body to prevent alkalosis, we just tend to slow breathing (increasing CO2 and thus lowering pH) or pass out! We also have some alterations that happen at the kidney level but this is in response to long term alkalosis (or acidosis for that matter). If you can track down a copy of Guytons Physiology the renal phys/acid base stuff is VERY thorough. I guess the bottom line is unless you are eating pounds of sea shells (by the seashore?) it will be very difficult to induce excessive alkalosis via dietary means.
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