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Rehab Day 2 August 12th

One legged fun

1 Leg Squats 3 X 6 per leg
1 Leg 1 Arm DL's 6 X 30, 6 X 30, 6 X 40
4 way lunges 3 per leg X 3 X 30 LB DB
3 X 12 hammer curls 25 LB L, 20 LB R
30 second plank hold on elbows

I surprised myself with 6 reps per 1 leg squat. I think I could maybe have squeaked out a couple more. Next week I am going for 4 sets. The 1 Leg 1 Arm DL's were easy when done ipsi-lateral but difficult when done contra-lateral. Need to add more abs and lower back.
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