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firstly my opinion of Mike Boyle is a very high opinion.

secondly if you read my comment more closely you will see that I agree with you that doing 21 reps with 85% of max is close to stupidity. (though I do it myself to myself because I can push there) I would never bring an athlete to that point. This is why I make the broomstick comment.

I disagree with you on S&C for hockey, I as well have been around hockey all my life. My family owned a successful Junior A team fo several years. And my argument is that until you get to a professional level, S&C for the sport is all but non existant. I can't speak on Junior level clubs in the U.S. as I've no experience there but here in Canada few junior clubs have significant S&C programs.

I think all of Mike Boyle's comments are accurate, and I think he is wise. But I have no problem in making someone perform high rep Olympic lifts because mastery of a broomstick or medicine ball will always be precursor to heavier objectives. We are only limited by our own imaginations.

Thats my only point, the exercise is dismissed because of an inate association to heavy weights, the reason we use the lifts in this manner has nothing to do with the weights in my opinion, but is relative to the dynamicism in the body involved in the movement.

Dynamicism in the body not the implement, thats what makes these great at high repetition. So screw the weight if you have too, but get moving thats all I'm saying.

Anyway its an insignificant blip in time as Dan John said. And these are just my opinions which most probably don't matter much and will continue to evolve as I get older and mature in experience.

Danny thanks for that post, puts things in perspective.
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