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Default 1 Arm DB Snatch

I did 1 Arm snatch and C/J today with my non dominant hand since my dominant hand is broken. I did a power version which is what I mostly see demonstrated with KB and DB's. Do people do full squat snatches with DB's as a regular part of training or do most people stick with the power versions?

I was very surprised with my performance. I have snatched a 52 LB KB for multiples but haven't really done any DB snatches. I started with 35 LB's and worked up to 60 LB's X 2 with no trouble at all. In fact when I switched to C/J's I went back down to 50 LB's and was going to work back up but I was less comfortable with the C/J than I was with the snatch. Some of the uncomfortableness was probably with how the weight was coming to my shoulder.

I really enjoyed the DB power snatch and will add that to my training when I am healed.

Anyone else playing with these?
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