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Kevin Perry
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Sunday Aug. 19

Felt a little better for today's workout but started deloading on the weight. Im sure im not comming to a stall since I've been able to handle more weight when I was on CF and could actually rest more but the past month or two I've ben going on very little sleep and have been eating constantly to keep nutrition up. Im sure thats why weight gain has been slow as well as recovery. It's about to get tougher to since the semester is starting up. For example, tonight I'll head to work at 7 p.m. will get off at 7 a.m. be at school at 8 a.m. and off at 10:30 a.m. and sleeping from 11:30 a.m. till about 5 or 6 p.m. and repeat. Fitting in time for school work, and workouts is going to be extremely tough but hopefully the mass gain program won't suffer to bad. While 150 is my current goal I may have to consider stretchign the program by another 1 or 2 months and im considering extending my goal from 150 to 160. The recent results have left me pretty damn happy lately. Very little fat gain.

Here is today's workout:

Warm-up: Light Mobility work, 10 OHS, 10 dips, 10 pullups, 10 situps

45 x 5 x 2
115 x 5 x 2
125 x 5 x 1
135 x 3 x1
145 x 2 x 1

195 x 5 x 3

I actually did a ton of warm-up sets after 145. I was curious about my squat depth and warm-up programming. I know this is not ideal but I wanted to make sure my squat was getting a full depth and there was no cheating. I ended up using more energy than I should have and my bar speed started to slow down on the second set. keep in mind nutrition, lack of sleep, a constantly changing sleep pattern all are playing a role in this.

Any input from other posters on proper warm-up's and bar speed would be much appreciated.


45 x 5 x 2
95 x 5 x 2
105 x 5 x 1
115 x 3 x 1
125 x 2 x 1

140 x 5 x 3


135 x 3 x 1
155 x 3 x 1
185 x 2 x 1

225 x 5 x 1

Pullups: 3 x 12

Crunchs: 3 x 10 (35lbs starting to get lots easier)


1 x 12 (25lbs)
1 x 10 (25lbs)
1 x 7 (25lbs)

All in all not bad. I may end up using the same weight for a while till I can get rest tuned in. Started using ZMA recently to help with sleep.
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