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Default I'm back

Well, I've been gone for awhile.

Fasting on top of up to three workouts a day really did a number on me. I backed off for about a week and a half, did a week of soley CrossFit, really tried to figure out how to eat enough and now I am back.

Now I am going to do a 5 on 2 off schedule. I did this about 6 months ago and I found that the extra day off really did help me recover.

I am doing long runs and swim on mondays and fridays, swim/run sprints on weds, and CF tuesday and thursday. Monday and Friday I do high volume work of movements (ladders, pyramids, sets of X), tuesdays and thursday I do max reps or tabatas of different movements, and weighted dips and pull-ups on weds. The weighted dips and pull-ups at 2 sets of 10, I am starting at a light weight and moving up 10 pounds every two weeks.

This seems like a lot. It is. I think the main difference and deal maker will be not fasting, increased dense carb intake (fruit, sweet potato), and the extra rest day. I hope it works. Any comments will be welcome.


Benchmark C. 3.06 miles. 3-4 hills. 21:35.

I did this a whole minute faster than last time. I felt good.

500m CSS swim w/fins- 12:40. 200m swim with just hands.

I was supposed to do much more swimming in the fins but I wanted to get used to them (hips flexors and feet were burning hard) and finish "Total Immersion" before I did much more.

6X30 push-ups
6X35 sit-ups
3X10 pull-ups
3X20 dips

This was easy.
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