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Rehab Day 7 August 22

Glute Bridge 15 seconds X 3
Samson Stretch 10 seconds per leg X 3

52 LB KB Lunges 6 per leg X 5
36 LB KB 20" step ups 10 per leg X 3

4 Times
5 High Pulls 52 LB KB
5 Swings 52 LB KB
100 Yard Farmers walk 52 LB KB

5 60 - 90 Second Intervals all out on trainer with 60 - 90 seconds rest

Everything felt really good. When I got done with the last set of Farmers Walks my forearm was on fire! I can tell that my grip is the limiting factor in the heavy swings, pulls and farmers walk.

Fundamentals class, I really just warmed up with the group then watched them go through standing guillotine and guillotine defense. I did do a few armbars from the mount.
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