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Default Gaining Weight for Women

G'day guys

I have a mate who is trying to put on a few kilos. She presently sits around the 48-50kg mark and is built like a marathoner. All ribs!!

She is trying to fall pregnant (no I'm not helping with that part, although I have offered!! LOL!) and needs to put on some weight, both fat and muscle.

I know diet is a huge part of it and I've advised her on what to eat and to eat a truck load of it. She is a very fussy eater and has trouble getting enough food down so the diet side of things is a battle in itself.

Now in regard to training, she loves doing metcon CrossFit workouts that involve running. I'm trying to direct her more towards a ME Black Box or a Starting Strength type program, but she really dislikes the iron.

So what I'm after is any suggetsions on how I can make this enjoyable for her and help her reach her goals. Apart from telling her to stop whinging, lift heavy stuff and eat heaps. (Done that and she just got cranky with me! WTF!!)
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