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Rehab Day 8 August 23

Glute Bridge 15 seconds X 3
Samson Stretch 10 seconds per leg X 3
15 S/U's unanchored feet 3

Front Squats
This is the first loading I have done since my arm was splinted. I used the bar on the shoulder with the arms bent back in over the top of the bar technique.

45 X 6
95 X 6
115 X 6
135 X 6
145 X 5
155 X 5
165 X 2

All the squats felt great full depth really tight all the way through my entire body. Only concern was on the 155's I really felt like I was engaging my arm on the latter reps, that is why I only did 2 on 165.

Plank Hold 30, 45 and 55 seconds
V-Up Holds 15, 30, 45 seconds
B/E Holds 15, 25
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