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Originally Posted by Edward Friedman View Post

I am psyched to see your "IF" site, it looks great ! Wishing you and those you enlighten great success with it. ( I've been Fast-5ing since 2.27.07 and I enjoy this approach. As a former jogger, I have "seen the light" expressed in the language on your "coming soon" page, about the value of intensity in exercise.) I am excited to see these "IF"s grow.
Holy Crap someone noticed? Ha....thanks. I am hoping to get it live and daily blogged starting in Sept. Looking to go big and promote it everywhere I get a chance as I wholeheartedly believe in it. Will be a good mix of IF, exercise, daily workouts for people at home and other things along the whole simplicity and awareness/zen approach to being happy in life. Keep it simple, get results. My motto. Hijack over.
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