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I went to the pool to swim with fins and a mask.

CSS w/fins, 500m hypoxic pyramid, 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2 breaths per stroke

Swimming with a mask and fins makes me more hypoxic than without. It messed up my stroke. I need to focus hard on TI drills. I'm sure all this "fitness" I'm trying to build with endless laps and pyramid would be augmented beautifully by proper stroke and balance.

I'm on run 22 of James' running schedule. It was 20 minutes on mixed ground increasing the pace as you see fit.

I took on one of the bigger hills in Richmond. It was a bitch.

Ladder, 1-10. Chin-upsX1, Divebomber Push-upsX2, 4 count flutter kicksX3

this was broken up with a vertical jump contest. Jake got 50 3/4 inches. Stopped to watch. This was not challenging.
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