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Originally Posted by Elliot Royce View Post
I'll piggyback on this thread since Garrett touched on my question early in the thread. I want to up my fish oil to try to deal with inflammation. I've got NatureMade capsules where each 2 capsules contain 432mg of EPA and 288mg of DHA. Reading into Garrett's thread, it would seem like I should be taking at least 8 capsules per day if not more (Garrett is eating a lot of omega friendly stuff). Does that make sense?

Does one need to space them out during the day or just gobble em all at night?
From your pills each dose is ~700mg epa/dha so 4 servings would place you at 2800mg's I think that might be a little low for someone of your bodyweight? Right now I'm taking Flameout but when I do switch to Carlsons I usually take 4-6 teaspoons which is 1300mg epa/dha per tsp.

I prefer breaking it up as long as it's convenient to do so. When doing flameout I'll take all 4 with lunch then with dinner I might have a Coromega packet. If doing Carlson's I just split it up, 1/2 now 1/2 later.
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