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Did a 1600m swim with fins. 35 minutes. I enjoyed it.

I was wearing my mask and when I got too hypoxic I would switch to my back and work on some TI balance drills while doing the lap.

Then I did:

1 minute on, 30 seconds off, 30 minutes. Go hard but the 30 second walk recoveries will go in a flash.This is 20 intervals/minutes of work.

Pretty easy. Tried to push it hard on the minutes. I got in about 3 miles.


6X30 push-ups
6X35 sit-ups
3X10 pull-ups
3X20 dips

It took 32:30. I was talking the whole time to the guys while they were lifting. I could have gone faster.

I'm considering adding another CrossFit day in. I feel like my GPP is suffering.
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