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Tuesday 8/28/07

Medium heavy set day.

Curl: 45x10 85x3x5

Overhead Press: 85x5 115x3x5 + 10 lockouts

Power Clean: 135x4 155x4 175x4x1

Bench Press: 135x5 165x3x5

Bent-Over Row: 135x5 185x5

Skullcrusher: 45x8 65x8,8,5

Full Front Squat: 135x5 185x3x5

Deep Breathing in Front Squat Position: 185x15

Light Stretching Pullovers: 20x20

Improved on every movement, either by weight, reps, or overall feel.

The last two exercises are a nod to the classic breathing squat thing. The old-timers had a near universal belief that deep breaths with a heavy weight on the back would "expand the rib box" and build the upper body. The light pullovers were done to stretch the connective tissue of the torso. John McCallum was nigh fanatical about this exercise combination.

Modern sources say this is all physically impossible -- it's more likely that loaded deep breathing develops the various small muscles between the ribs, giving the appearance of a larger torso Regardless, I decided to throw in some deep breaths holding the bar racked in front of the shoulders. It was fun.

I'd also like to experiment with deep breathing quarter squats. The same idea, but with a much greater load.
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