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I've considered questions like this quite a bit.

For a strength-athlete, like a powerlifter, thrower, or olympic lifter, I'd like to think you need to tailor the XF style work towards accessory movement circuits...things that are going to complement your lifting, not erode it.

An example for a powerlifter who is weak at the start of the deadlift:

Deadlift: Up to maximal single for that day

Accessory Circuit:

Snatch grip high pulls from the floor
Zercher squats from pin
Glute/Ham raises

Sets of 3 for the SGHPs
Sets of 5 for the ZS
Sets of 5-8 for the GHRs

Start the circuit moderately light and work up until you are a few reps within your repetition maximums for those movements given the state of fatigue.

Rest about 1 minute in between movements in the circuit. Go for 3-5 circuits.

You get your strength work in. You also will get some systemic conditioning from the circuit, as well as work on the deficits you are interested in correcting.

As you get closer to competition, you start eliminating those movements that are either stale or you are no longer interested in.
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