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Default More work

Around 3:30 I went to the pool:

Worked on Total Immersion drills 1-4 for 30 minutes. They felt fruitful. We shall see if there is carry over. I was supposed to do this next:

Sprint 4X100, rest 50 sec between sprints. Sprint 6X50, rest 25 seconds between sprints.

And I did. But rather than work on speed (read: thrashing wildly through the water) I tried to use TI principles and mind my stroke. I got my kicks better. My balance better.

Instead of using one of James' templates to run home with, I ran the night sessions at CrossFit RVA and then I did:

Benchmark C, 3.96 miles. 35:04. I am not happy with this time at all but I am not mad. There are some huge hills on the route and this is the first time I've really run it. Obviously, if I am still this slow later or on flat ground at the same distance it will be bad. We shall see.

2X10 pull-ups
2X10 dips

I used the, shall I say, "Yeh" method and did a set of pull-ups then a set of dips. Rested 2 minutes. Repeated till done. Thanks, Allen. Much better than spending an hour at it.

Till tomorrow
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