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Default Power Bias Day

It did cut the time. Thanks for at least pointing it out to me, Allen!

Power Filthy 50:

20 Box jumps, 28 platform.
Rest 2 minutes.
20 weighted pull-ups 20# vest.
Rest 2 minutes.
20 kettlebell swings.
Rest 2 minutes.
20 steps Walking Lunge, 45# bar.
Rest 2 minutes.
20 GHD med ball sit-ups, #12 ball.
Rest 2 minutes.
20 push press, 75#.
Rest two minutes.
20 back extensions, w/12# med-ball.
Rest 2 minutes.
20 #12 wall ball shots to 15 foot target.
Rest 2 minutes.
20 burpee box jumps.
Rest 2 minutes.
20 tuck jumps with 20# vest.

Not including the rests, total time was 10:19

It was strange. If I am not feeling it tomorrow, I would say that this was an excellent "light" workout. Good for recovery because it was mildly challenging, but I still think I got the power bias aspects of the WOD.

Then I did:

2 minutes of rope climbs, four count flutter kicks, divebomber push-ups

rope climbs: 8 trips in 2:00
flutter kicks: 60 in 2:00
divebombers: 46 in 2:00
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