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Steve Shafley
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I like the jumpstrech flexibility routine. It's effective and has a relatively small time component.

I often do something like this before lifting:

1. Cat/Camels x20
2. Yoga Twist/Side Twist/Bent Knee Twist (from Magnificent Mobility)
3. Bent knee twist with my other foot pushing down further on the knee (from the YRG stuff)
4. Scorpions (laying on back)
5. Scorpions (laying on stomach)
6. Bird dogs
7. Fire hydrants
8. Upward + Downward dogs...or, as Pavel likes to call it, "The Pump" I do that prying shit he suggest too. I will also start small rotations at the hips and at the shoulders in the downwards dog movement. Scott Sonnon does this in some of his yoga stuff. It seems to help open my shoulders more

I also really like the Defranco warm up sequences. I'm pretty sure they are in this forum somewhere.
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