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8 week program: very simple...
Mon: squat & Press (as heavy as you can go)
Tuesday: DL (as heavy as you can go)
Wed off
Thursday: Squat & press (use the same wt as mon)
Friday: deadlift but always light
Saturday: alternate weeks between working up to a heavy single on squat & week heavy single on DL. (take week 4 off)

Each mon & tuesday move up the wt if you completed the reps the week before

Saturdays: a heavy single may mean a pr...sometimes 85% may be all you have that day...listen to your body.

newbies would do "press" reps for all exercises

weeks 1-3: press 5x10, SQT/DL 5x5
week 4: press 5x5, SQT/DL 5x3 *** with same wt as week 3***
week 5: Press 5x5, SQT/DL 5x3 Back to as heavy as you can
week 6: press 5x3, SQT DL 5x2
week 7: press 5x1, SQT/DL 5x1
week 8: mon & wed light press/SQT/DL..sat total

example of 5x5...set 1 40k, set 2 50k, set 3 60k, set 4 70K, set 5 80K
IE: 4 warm-up sets 1 working set

add assistant movements as needed/tolerated
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