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I worked on Total Immersion Drill 1-4 for about an hour at the pool. Pressed my buoy, hid my head, made my leading arm weightless, yada, yada, yada,


Hill training. Warm up for 5-10 minutes with easy running. I use a climb that is about 150m in length and is challenging. The hill forms part of a street grid, ie a square of roughly equal sides. Run the climb as fast as you can. Jog very slowly across the top of the square. Run back down at a steady stride. Walk the bottom of the square. Repeat for 9 reps. Cool down with 15 minutes of steady running.

I cooled down with a run/walk. Ran mostly. Covered in sweat. This was difficult.


ladder, 1-12. Chin-ups (X1), Divebomber (X2), Four Count Flutter-Kicks (x3)

My hip flexors hurt. Two rest days coming up. Niiiice.
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