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Rick Deckart
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Thanks Josh, that plan looks simple and convincing.

Mike, I think Westside uses excercises similar but not identical to the contest lifts on ME days.

Steve, yes I thought so too but was wondering if bench and press are really identical in programming. From the interview with Ripptoe ( :

MK: How would assistance training for the press differ from assistance training for the bench?

MR: Itís really just a matter of direction. Partials, rack work, and other assistance exercises for the bench can be adapted for the press by rotating them up overhead. That and lots of heavy abdominal work. And quite honestly, this all has to be generated pretty much from scratch because the lift hasnít been contested in 35 years, or actually, never from the rack. Of course, people still press, but as a competitive liftówith all the emphasis and attention that this entailsóthe press is quite new to most people training today. When itís all said and done, I probably wonít be the one who has the most valid opinion on how to train the press to a high level. Current Strongman competitors and old Olympic lifters like my buddy, Tommy Suggs, are far more qualified to voice an opinion about this than I am.
I am not sure if I agree what is more difficult to reach, high levels of endurance or strength, I think it depends on what you define as comparable high levels. For example a 70min half marathon is a relatively high level feat and to get there from scratch will take at least several years and many will never reach that level no matter how much work they invest or how smart there programming is.

Eric once I have finished my current cycle I may indulge myself with training for the Crossfit Total for six to eight weeks before I move on to something different. I never trained the deadlift and press and could use a little bit more horsepower there and with the squat. Besides it would be a nice break from olympic lifting.
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