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Thought I would provide a bit of an update on my progress here. My training log has full details:

My diagnostic 5k run (on the actual course) at the beginning of training two Saturdays ago did not go well, with quite a few periods of walking needed. Time: 26:45.

I did 400m intervals on Tuesdays, strength on Thursdays, 800m intervals last Saturday, and Crossfit metcon (Cindy) on Sundays.

Today I ran 2400m with a goal of hitting my target pace (of 20min for the 5k). Target time was 9:36, actual was 10:08.

I'm pretty happy with my progress after two weeks (and basically building from scratch conditioning wise). I'm keeping with the same training for the next two weeks, just cutting down on rest ratios (from 3:1 to 2.5:1).

I'll check back in here after two more weeks, when I'll be running 5000m to gauge progress. I'll keep all the workouts in my training log.
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