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Jordan Glasser
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You're right, probably better then a thick, clunky shoe, like most on the market. But, what I found is this. Running, jogging, sprinting worked wonders for the way I plant my feet with both the 3.0 & 5.0. The lack of heel cushioning force me to stay away from heel stricking. That's why I love them so much. But, the 7.0's have more of a heel cushion, which allow for comfortable heel striking, and as a result feel like I'm wearing a regular type of shoe. (with limited support.)

Just throwing this out there.....but when playing a sport that involves jumping, landing, cutting, don't you want a shoe that will be able to slightly cushion the impact. Because we won't always be in good alignment.

Again, I am not saying dont' buy them, because you may really love them. But, remembering that barefoot walking and running is a hell of a lot different then barefoot basketball. Sometimes support is necesarry, IMO.
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