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Sunday 9/2/2007

Another limit day.


Bench Press:
215x1 (PR)


The 315 squat was super ugly. I lost my arch coming out of the bottom and ended up doing a max effort good morning thing, which was not what I was going for. Still, I made the lift. I own 315.

Bench is coming up, slowly but surely.

I'm not sure how to work the deadlift into this style of training. My current plan is to deadlift on the limit day, but only every other week; trying to pull all the time seems to hard on the body. Maybe do high pulls on the other limit days.

Another choice would be to follow a Westcyde-type thing, and do one lower and one upper exercise on limit day, and then rotate them every three weeks, or when I start to get stale. So, I would squat for three weeks, then switch to deadlifting for three weeks, and then back to some kind of squatting movement. That would work, but I don't want to do a bunch of variations, and I'm concerned that switching back and forth all the time would slow my progress -- as soon as you're into the groove, you have to switch exercises, and then there's a period of adaptation when you come back to a lift you haven't done for three weeks.

Also, I'm going to make it official: I'm not doing the powerlifting meet next weekend. I ran into some stuff back in June/July that required me to take some time off and change the focus of my training. Basically, I pushed too hard, and wound up hating lifitng and my life. It was kind of weird, actually. I'd read that overextending yourself could cause irritability and mood issues, but I'd never experienced it personally. After I took some time off and changed my workouts I went back to normal right away, but I didn't have any motivation to train for the meet.

I could just show up and lift on Saturday, and I see the wisdom there. You know, just go kill some iron, meet some people, and get some experience. Except I crunched the numbers and it would cost almost $100 to compete. I would need to register, pay late fees, get a federation membership, and buy a singlet, and I'm not willing to lay out that much cash for a learning experience. Someday soon, I'm going to compete in a strength sport -- just not next weekend.

Whoa, that was a long post. Something about heavy day makes me wax eloquent.
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