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Tuesday: 9/4/2007

Medium full-body-type thing.

Curl: 45x10 85x3x5

Overhead Press: 85x5 115x3x5
-- Try 120 next week

Power Clean: 135x4 155x4 175x4
-- Stay at 175 for at least one more week

Bench Press: 135x5 170x3x5

Bent-Over Row: 135x5 185x3x5

Close-Grip Bench Press: 135x5 145x2x5

Front Squat: 135x5 195x3x5
-- This is a PR for sets of five, I think

DB Side Bend: 120x2x10 115x2x10

I made a little breakthrough on the press. Instead of looking at myself in the mirror as I lifted, I started looking up at the bar as it rises. This puts a little more bend in my back and keeps the bar path straight, with no forward lean. I still need to get used to it -- in particular, I need to find the right amount of back lean -- but it definitely felt stronger.
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