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We have found here that making our more motivated clients do very high rep KB movements tends to fix certain form issues and "burn in" proper technique, especially focusing on firing the glutes. I have seen this to be similar in the O lifts at lighter weights. Like in the video just posted to the CF main site about technique vs. intensity, I see the two as complimentary. Proper or correct movement is exactly that because it is the most biomechanically efficient movement pattern to complete the task. As you fatigue, you must rely on proper form just to move the weight.

I totally agree that a foundation in:

1) basic strength a la Starting Strength, first
2) then the Olympic lifts in proper form
3) then heavy Oly lifts in traditional strength training
4) then finally you can starting adding in higher rep O lifts to your WODs once the rest of the foundation is there

If the groundwork is laid correctly, then you will not really revert to terrible form. We recently had a 190lb client do a 5:20 Grace with 30 pretty much textbook power cleans and push jerks.

Bottom line though, high rep O lifts are great at building silly levels of functional work capacity.
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