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Originally Posted by James Evans View Post
Thanks for the kind words MOD.

Barney the Dinosaur would have kicked my arse last night.
If it makes you feel better.....a once younger OD decided to try spring track in HS to keep in shape for hockey season. Not a natural gifted runner he picked the absolutely shortest differences. Apparently young OD was not aware of the massive power and speed it took to run 100 yards....hence finishing dead last every meet. Having his pride hurt the ever so ambitious OD decided to attempt a longer run he felt he could maintain and finish with his head held high. Talking with the coach, young OD came up with the notion of "how hard can it be to run a mile...". And so the next meet came where he stood on the mile race starting line...unsure of any strategy to run the race....and then the gun sounded.....Lap 1....really excellent time, in fact ahead of state champion runners on the first lap alone, could this really be his call to glory finally....Lap 2, with the crowd chanting "Slow Down!", young OD knew that at this pace it was possible to break records so why would he want to do that....unfortunately the pack began to close 3rd......Lap 3....well a mile is a long long long way apparently...and the body of young OD was starting to have issues with his continued things started to turn for the worse.....mid pack.......Lap 4.....The crowd had never seen a runner with a blue face and dragging arms on the track while running......End of race.....Young OD with a mighty effort collapsed across the finish line....bleeding knuckles.....only to have everyone run up around him....and burst out laughing.....dead last in heat of 30 runners.....the story still lives on to this day.....
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