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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
Bin-F'n-Go.....Well put and can't stress that your best advertising is someone walking around 30lbs lighter and when people ask what they did....well then you have people calling you day and night....Find your niche...whether it be sports performance....fat loss (huge enough market there) and become an expert at getting results. Forget all the fads and trends of core balance ball cone drills that all the junk certs and equipment company seminars are forcing on the average trainer...learn the effective ways to get results in your niche market and just do it.
Its funny since I have a lot of peers in the industry down here who haven't produced results for clients and others have several certifications yet they don't even look like they workout.

For the coaches out there and those aspiring to be coaches, remember these words: GETTING RESULTS, ISN'T EVERYTHING, ITS THE ONLY THING!!!

1) The Fat loss market is reaching $1 Billion in revenue....if you are a personal trainer and not focusing on it you are a f***'ing idiot....

2) If you want to make alot of money in this industry you need to do 2 things:
a) Charge alot (dont try and be cheap on your rates)
b) Be a prick (dont try and be people's friends, get them results)
1) definitely true. The number o out of shape individuals are increasing in the number daily

a) though I agree with this, charge fair, if you know yourself and are confident of your capabilities, charge as much as you can.... Always state more than your going rate since some clients will negotiate at times
b) Stop trying to be Mary Poppins.. Be a coach for crying out loud! (sadly others forget this and spoil their clients)
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