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Originally Posted by Mark Joseph Limbaga View Post
Its funny since I have a lot of peers in the industry down here who haven't produced results for clients and others have several certifications yet they don't even look like they workout.
unfortunately I know exactly what you mean....personally I have no issues if the trainer actually knows what he is doing and can still get results for his clients....unfortunately the training industry as a whole is a sham.....more business orientated for profit and less on getting people the truth and results. Personally I am sick of it and now soon will be calling out everyone in the industry for their blantant lies and lack of professional responsibility to the public.....should be fun!

My next book will be "Get your Fat Client off the Bosu their Core is not the issue!!"

a) though I agree with this, charge fair, if you know yourself and are confident of your capabilities, charge as much as you can.... Always state more than your going rate since some clients will negotiate at times
It's funny....I see trainers whoring themselves out for $20/hour....but then again many are worth less than that. If a person tries and price shop me I laugh....and tell them to go ahead and try the other trainer for a month, and then try me....if I don't get them better results they get a full refund. Also I have found the more I charge (while still affordable but not average), the more people value my time and will listen to me. I'm moving more into coaching full time anyways and not going to sit there and count reps....that's the job for a $15/hr trainer.
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