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Originally Posted by Robb Wolf View Post
When I was doing capoeira 5X/week and training a mountain of handstand variations I had a 180lb standing press at 165. I'm not where near that level now. I find the HS work to be very productive for the press.
Bearing this in mind, I believe I remember seeing a picture of you in a free
handstand on parallel bars. I can get 10 good HSPU, or 3 sets of 5 doing the CF warmup with just a lite dab of my foot on the wall, but when I try to get a single with parallettes, my 205 lbs might as well be 2050, so I can see that I have a ways go in progression. It will be interesting to see how working the HSPU moves my 168-lb press into a more respectable % of bodyweight.

What variations are there? All I can think of is to press out of headstand,
or a 'frogstand', and negatives on the parallettes.
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