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Originally Posted by Pierre Auge View Post
yes I've played around with it quite a bit and it works very very well. One note I will make and this is right out of the mouth of Rip and into my programing which I've shown to be very productive is to keep your deadlifts down to 1 set of 5 per week. Or 5 singles once per week. That is the only modification I would make to what Josh posted at the beginning or to the Bagwell program.

While Bagwell due to time constraints places the lift immediately before or after the WOD, it is far more productive to have a fixed linear program performed say late afternoon to mid evening while performing the wod in the morning. So basically you end up doing a WOD then an ME workout later in the day. I recommend no more than 3 movements at a time and keeping the volume very low. Say 15 total reps or less - that's where I've seen the best results in programing. It also makes that the ME blocks usually takes less than 30 minutes. <20minute WOD + <30minute ME the volume stays low but the weight stays very high relatively progressing linearly week per week. Huge gains...

If people are looking to gain mass the high velocity, moderate volume WODs are best for promoting that. Eat a shit-load immediately after your WOD and you'll grow like a weed. That combined with the hormonal response generated by the heavy lifting in the evening can and does produce some wicked results if thats what you're looking for.
Why ME later? Seems the opposite, morning ME, metcon later is more intuitive....lift heavy while fresh...
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