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I thought the Bagwell piece was nicely done. And he seemed to also have proven it in competition with his HS lifters.

The press can be approached in the same fashion as the bench press, or, really, as any other lift.

The one thing that seemed to jump out though, while looking at the training regimens of old OLs who contested the press, was that the press was trained more frequently than the other contested lifts. I would also hold this to be true when compared to the bench press.

A concurrent or conjugate approach to training the press would work just fine. In my personal practice, I've noticed the press stalls out fairly quickly, but it's extremely easy to switch exercises and keep on making improvements.

My list of special exercises for the press include:

-parallel grip press (log bar or shrug bar)
-dumbbell press (1 or 2 dbs)
-the side press (as described by Tsatsouline in PTP) - one armed barbell press
-push press
-push jerk
-rack presses from various heights (chin level, eye level, top of head level)


I found the press ->push press combo worked very well

Also, I found press "starts" worked well. Keith Wassung has a good article about training the press somewhere.
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