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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
There's also the well documented effect that you tend to be stronger later in the day.
Again I think this is almost certainly due to a combination of endocrine response relative to rest management. Gymnasts and Weightlifters alike tend to train hardest in the morning and leave the more demanding loads in practice until later in the day.

This is where I contend that where power output is minimal I use the term practice rather than training. Which I why I say that a morning WOD is training and the afternoon session practice. The volume and the velocity just isn't there, it's not enough to produce any kind of significant systemic fatigue but enough to make one strong mother*#&#$ person.

And if you are to look at most PL workouts they look alot like practice sessions rather than balls out training hence the low work capacity on average. OL training very similarly and gymnasts also similarly. This is why I think they are very good at their elements (or modes/modalities) but poor at others. Though gymnasts and Weightlifters due to the skill requirements of their activities adapt faster to alterations in training than other less skill dependent athletes.
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