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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
I completely understand how you may not be able to get that kind of money depending on location. I would look into what kind of program you can do for a small group of 3-4 maybe. So if you are only able to charge $30/session....then figure a way to charge $20/session and have a group of 4-5....that way you can maximize you potential revenue per hour to $100/hr. Remember you can make the rules, so tell people that you only do small groups....and it's one flat rate, and then as your results start to show....people will be lining up at the door to train with you! For the average weight loss client (which most are for me) the training is really's the nutritional adherence you have to make sure they stick to. Best part still get all the credit even though weight loss is 85%+ diet!! Just get a system in place that yields results while also maximizing your revenue per hour (or session).

I actually figured out how to train groups with less effort. I give them a package rate and I get an assistant from one of our assistant coaches/apprentices and just give him a small cut from my fee just to have him be the one to demonstrate, load/strip weights, help me stretch while i oversee the training, update programs.

Did this with two brothers who train at the same time, I'll keep doing this so in the future, I'll br atraining more people yet I won't be as tired as I don't want to have my work up to my neck as i still work 55 hours a week in the gym, excluding my consultancy work fr market research, i gotta have a life too :P
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