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Greg Is right & wrong about me. 1 he is right in that i have chosen fitness over being the best weightlifter I can be. I crossfit & run much more than anyone serious about being a competitive weightlifter should. Also at my hieght I should be lifting in the 94k class, I choose to lift in the 85k class and i ussually only weigh about 82k. I'm unwilling to gain wt to be a better lifter. I do not like the way my body feels when I'm over 85k.
He is wrong in saying crossfitting is bringing my lifts down. a few years ago i hit a then pr of 120k in the sn after several months of crossfitting and almost no o-lifts. I've since hit 122.5k. I have been really struggling with snatches the last 9 months or so but I believe it's a technichal error/mental issue. My C&J has been better than ever during this same time frame, no PR's but I've made 145+ a ton of times in practice and this is a wt I could only hit in meets previously.
I have reached a level in o-lifting where I need to constantly specilaize if I want to make progress. I beleive my potential in o-lifts is about 130/170. I got 9th or 10th at this years national championships(without giving up any fitness)...if I reached my potential I might move up to like 7th(in a country that stinks at weightlifting). Not worth it to me to give up so much of my fitness. Besides crossfit, kettlebells, hills, bleachers, sprints are just so much fun.
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