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GREAT thread! Pierre...really interesting stuff. Only a week into this but here is how I've parcelled things out:

Day-1 DL 5 heavy singles, Press variant- 3x5. WOD-Ol emphasis with either DB or BB. When we went to CF San Francisco over the weekend we did 1-10-1 BB snatch (95lbs) and pull ups. Adrian is a BASTARD!

Day-2 Light gymnastics-handstands and HS walking...practice for 1 arm PU. 1-2 hrs of fairly easy, technical BJJ.

Day-3 Back squat and weighted Pull up both at 3x5. WOD

Day4-same as 2

Day-5 power clean-thinking speed pulling here 5x2, press variant 3x5. WOD.

Since we are at the gym M-F no matter what it's nice to just run with a format that lets me take advantage of that but that keeps me out of the gym on the weekends. Many of the WOD's have a Power Bias...2-4 min rests, really hard on the runs and an inclusion of OL variants and assistance exercises.

So far it looks fun, not too much volume/intensity. Along that line I am thinking about keeping the WOD's the same but using a stair step process of increasing and decreasing the volume. For example I did 3 rounds of frellen last Friday (400m run, 15 thrusters, 15 pull-ups). today I'm going to cut that volume in half (400M run, 15 thrusters, 15 pull-ups-1 round, 200m run, 7 thrusters, 7 pull-ups). Next week I'll shoot for 4 rounds...the following week 2 rounds etc.

Not sure how that will work but it gives me a little structure and it plans in what are comparatively easy days/weeks. Thinking about doing something similar on the strength work once i get my numbers back up.

Thoughts and inputs are welcome. I'm going to start posting some of this at my blog. Accountability and a nice experiment.
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