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September 14, 2007

AM Weigh-In
Weight: 291.2 lbs
Body Fat (Tanita Scale): 40.5%
Waist: 51.5"

I woke up at 5:30 AM feeling extra bloated. The drive to work was borderline miserable – okay, maybe not quite that bad, but I felt the food hangover for sure. I’m positive that I won’t be doing anything like that again when I break the fast. The meal was fairly low carb (the boneless wings were lightly breaded it seemed,) with high protein and fats, but not clean at all. I weighed 291.2 this morning, which is perfectly fine, as I’ve got a lot of “weight” in my system via food still digesting, waste, water retention, and general bloat!

My “AM dehydrated body fat,” as I’m calling it, read at 40.5%, which is a new morning low. As of right now, 9:15 AM, I feel much better. I’m not going to eat much or very frequently today, but I’m probably not going to eat completely clean needed since I didn’t grab all of my food from home before I left today.

I look forward to fasting tomorrow, but I bet that my body is going to kick my butt around 2:00 PM during the fast. On Saturday (tomorrow September 15) at 6:30 PM, I’m definitely going to break the fast clean with a big grilled chicken salad or a large steak with veggies and then later I’ll probably enjoy 24oz of Miller Light or some other lower carbohydrate beer while I enjoy the Tennessee vs. Florida college match up at night.

I'm definitely going to get in some quality cardio tonight, maybe in the form of HIIT. For strength training, I'm currently on a three day split but I lump all three days together (Mon, Tues, Wed this week.) I'm currently doing a three on, two off split, but I don't know if I want to change that or what. I guess in short, I don't know what my resistance routine will be and I feel the itch to lift a bit tonight. Maybe sometime in the near future I'll go back to my old four day split: Legs, Chest & Biceps, Rest, Back, Shoulders & Triceps, Rest, Rest.

Training Log
Scheduled Rest Night

Cardio Log
Scheduled Rest Night - Skipped Cardio

PM Weigh-In
Weight: 290.6
Body Fat (Tanita Scale): 34.2%
Waist: 51.5"
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